Cutting edge image guidance technology transforming Cardiac Resynchronization therapy.

Key Benefits of CARTBox


Better Diagnostic information

No extra time in cathlab

Realtime fusion with fluoroscopy

Reduce cost

AI deep learning

Cloud computing

Conventional fluoroscopy

AP-view + venogram

Fluoroscopy + CARTBox Suite

AP-view, scar + latest activation

CARTBox: ‘GPS’ system for the cardiologist   

  •  Upload: gold standard MRI data 
  •  Analysis by means of Artificial Intelligence in the cloud
  •  Download into the hospital: patient-specific MRI data for fusion/
     visualization during EP-procedure

Future developments (not CE-marked)

  • Image guidance for additional (cardiovascular) procedures to build a pipeline of products

  • Use of CARTBox Connection Box for smooth workflow integration
  • Fusion of myocardial infarction imaging with mapping devices (CARTO, Ensite-NavX) to support ventricular ablation procedures (clinical study ongoing)

  • Implementation of CT-imaging as an input for CARTBox Suite (in addition to MRI-imaging)