Prof. Pieter Doevendans MD PhD FESC is Chief of the Department of Cardiology and professor in Experimental Cardiology at the UMC Utrecht. Dr. Doevendans serves or has served as board member for several international and national scientific committees or editorial boards. As principal investigator for several prestigious European and Dutch grants, dr Doevendans coordinates and executes several research projects that investigate the potency of cardiomyocyte progenitor cells as a novel clinical application in cardiac repair. Dr. Doevendans is currently the Medical Director of the Management Board of the Division Heart and Lungs of the UMC Utrecht.

Steven Chamuleau, MD, PhD is a cardiologist and staff member at UMC Utrecht since 2008, and is specialized in cardiac imaging, valvular disease, and cardiac regenerative therapy. He attended Medical School at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a PhD thesis cum laude (2001) on intracoronary derived physiological parameters for clinical decision-making. He did his fellowship training in cardiology and cardiac imaging at the AMC in Amsterdam. He has published over 70 PUBMED cited papers in the field of Cardiology and/or Regenerative Medicine. Next to clinical trials, he is specially interested in translational research. He is (co-) PI in several large international research consortia.